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Women at the top in their professions may seem lucky, but as Anna Keenan proves on her "Self Made Sister" podcast, it’s the hard work that got them there. Discover just how attainable your “pie in the sky” dreams are from the legendary women who are already leading the way.


Podcast Coaching with Christine

Anna Keenan is the host of the Self.Made.Sister podcast and the Regional Marketing and Philanthropic Manager at Kendra Scott. In this episode, Anna shares her launch story, her growth strategies, and her perspective on giving back, which is integrated into her work ethic.


The 6 Figure Teacher Podcast

In this episode, I sit down with Anna Keenan - A Marketing & Philanthropic Manager at Kendra Scott AND the Host of the Self Made.Sister.Podcast. Anna & I talk about the journey & lessons learned from being a part of KS as they scaled to a billion dollar company & the secret sauce to it all.