Welcome to Self Made Sister, I'm so happy you found me!  As your host, you probably want to know a little something about me.  I'm just a Midwest gal juggling life as a wife and working mom of my two little loves, Chandler and Ellery, and trying to fit in the occasional girls night out.  By day, I'm a Marketing and Philanthropic Manager for a female owned billion dollar company....who, I might add, is worth more than Beyonce and started the company with only $500.  It's my career working for this incredible mom boss entrepreneur that has heightened my passion and appreciation for the entrepreneurial journey and all roads that lead to success.  My curiosity and admiration of the story behind every successful woman is what fueled my desire to start this podcast.  My hope is to inspire and motivate you by answering the big question, how did she do it?

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Thank you so much for joining me on this journey!